ATOM – Musical Minds Do you hear what we hear? Can science help us to understand music?

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Starting: 15th March 2018
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Amey Theatre Abingdon School

A talk by Alex Tester and Lawrance Tao (Music Department of St Edward’s School in Oxford) – part of 2018 ATOM Festival of Science in Abingdon

Alex Tester and Lawrence Tao are musicians with an interest in science and psychology, on a quest to discover why we have the deep emotional ties with the music we hear. Join them for a thought-provoking hour where we question the nature of music, wonder whether we can ever expect the same response from our listening, and explore whether it matters that we can’t decide what consists a musical masterpiece.

Alex and Lawrence work as Director of Music and Head of Academic Music at St Edward’s Oxford. They are performing musicians with an interest in how the subject connects with other academic spheres, and both also teach Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma.