SCIENTISTS IN SCHOOLS is a school led charity funded initiative which connects STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) professionals working at the cutting edge of their field with schools. The aim is to enthuse more young people to connect with STEM and encourage them to pursue a career in STEM.

School led & Charity funded

As a charity we work with the school to organise an event in their format of their choosing and on subject of their choice. Giving the school the flexibility to host an event which will enthuse their pupils.


Since 2013 we have organised 68 highly regarded SCIENTISTS IN SCHOOLS events. Don’t take our word for it, read the endorsements below.

Reached 5k pupils

Our events have enthused more young people to connect with science and encouraged them to pursue a career in STEM, through events with subjects like Music and the brain, Access not excess: novel ways to nourish the world, and Cancer: causes and treatment.

Connected 120 STEM professionals with schools

We have connected STEM professionals at the cutting edge of their field with schools like Prof Richard Dawkins, Prof Heidi Johansen-Berg and Sir Richard Gardner.


Schools can pick from 3 different formats of events on a subject of their choice


A popular choice to explore in depth a STEM subject. It can either be 1/2 day or a full day. Targeted at Years 9-13. Audience size is 70-100 pupils.

Pop up Café des Sciences

The pop up format is a more interactive workshop suited at a younger audience (Key Stage 2,3 or 4). Audience size is 50-80 pupils.

Career Talk

STEM will be a key sector of employment for today’s students, entering the workplace in 2030. Career talks are a great way to show what a STEM career will look like. The talk is 20-30 mins and is suited for Year 7-8. Audience size is 50–80 pupils.