Scientists in Schools

More young people than ever are entering university, but few are opting for science, leading to a shortage of STEM graduates


Cafés des Sciences create opportunities for children to engage in interactive workshops on important contemporary scientific issues.

Summer School

A 3-week residential summer school on Global Health. We have been successfully delivering this course to University of Southern California students since 2011.

Promoting scientific understanding

Promoting scientific understanding.

OIBC’s vision is a World in which wider access to scientific learning brings better health and quality of life.  It seeks to realise this through educational projects for all generations and especially for the young, building greater understanding of biomedical and other scientific issues.

OIBC’s programmes (Scientists in Schools, Cafe des Sciences, Summer Schools) bring together leading experts with schools and adults, via seminars, lectures and debates, promoting better communication skills and awareness, especially among disadvantaged youngsters.  It particularly seeks to inspire young people to a greater interest in further study of the sciences and to considering the opportunities of science-based careers.

OIBC values its independence, its non-political, charitable status and its expert scientific leadership. We value the acquisition of knowledge by all, and we value the enhancement of education and awareness, best practice and management of life skills, which contribute significantly to public health and well-being.

Latest events

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2022 Scientists in Schools on Cutting edge science

Dates(s):  2/2/2022 at St Edward’s School in Oxford

Scientists in Schools on Environmental risks to humanity
Dates(s):  28/11/2019

Scientists in schools Scientific milestones
Dates(s):  16/10/2019

Scientists in schools Cutting edge science
Dates(s):  18/09/2019

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Science today

Breaking stories from the world of science
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Children shun science careers because of ‘geek’ image

Children shun science careers because of ‘geek’ image

Brain decoding: Reading minds

Brain decoding: Reading minds  

Reprogrammed bacterium speaks new language of life

Reprogrammed bacterium speaks new language of life...

X-rays top space agenda

X-rays top space agenda  

Proteins help solve taxonomy riddle

Proteins help solve taxonomy riddle Proteomic technique proves that 300-year-old Linnaean elephant was wrongly classified....

Neuroelectronics: Smart connections

Neuroelectronics: Smart connections Computer chips inspired by human neurons can do more with less power....

A race against resistance

Malaria: A race against resistance  

The spine: Sensation and loss

Sensation and loss

Climate change: The case of the missing heat

Climate change: The case of the missing heat

Flawed to perfection

Flawed to perfection


‘I am very grateful for he work of the Oxford International Biomedical Centre to promote social mobility and encourage children to become engaged with the study of science. I wish you success in your plans to expand programme to cover the whole country.’ MICHAEL GOVE,

Secretary of State for Education, December 2013

 I feel that the interaction between the speakers was excellent and all the talks were linked and built on each other
Enjoyed the chance to speak to professionals
A brilliant day full of interesting facts and very inspiring for all the students, very worthwhile and perfectly organised Pupils at recent event, Norton Hill School

I enjoyed the interactive presentations
Fun content with lots of details
Presentations were very interesting and engaging Students from Conisborough College, Lewisham