About us

OIBC was launched in 1992 in order to improve health and the quality of life across the globe by promoting access to learning and research. Its maxim at that time was cooperation: cooperation between developed and developing countries; cooperation between academic and industrial institutions; cooperation between scientists, medical doctors and the public. Since then, other organisations have stepped in to promote one of our original aspirations, namely better cooperation between universities and industrial institutions. But the other aspirations remain, and over the last decade we have focussed particularly on youngsters in so far as better communication between scientists, medical doctors and the public is concerned. So now, our current strategy may be summarised as follows.

VISION OIBC’s vision is of a world in which wider access to scientific learning brings better health and quality of life.

PURPOSE OIBC’s purpose is to realise our vision through educational projects for all generations and especially for the young through building greater understanding of scientific and biomedical issues,

MISSION OIBC’s mission is to bring together leading biomedical experts with all schools and lay adults, via live and recorded seminars, lectures and debates, to promote better communication skills and awareness and to create opportunities for all to appreciate science and biomedical issues.

VALUES OIBC values its independence, its non-political, charitable status and its expert scientific leadership. We value the acquisition of knowledge by all, and we value the enhancement of education and awareness, best practice and management of life skills, which contribute significantly to public health and well-being. We value greatly the support from Foundations, Charitable Trusts and individuals.

BELIEFS OIBC believes in cooperation between scientific experts and the public, between business and complementary organisations, between the developed world and countries striving to enhance their health and quality of life. We believe that scientific knowledge and understanding are keys to rational improvement.


Promoting scientific understanding to improve lives

Track Record

Here is a list of some of our activities over the years