Cafés des Sciences

This programme is not currently running

Cafés des Sciences create opportunities for children to engage in interactive workshops on important contemporary scientific issues. The Café brings together around 50-80 pupils  and focuses on a particular cutting-edge scientific topic, with input from OIBC scientists, many of whom are leading scientists in their field. The pupils are provided with the research topic beforehand to carry out some prep work, which includes each school/group of participating pupils producing in advance a poster on the topic.

Programmes can be tailored to suit children at Key Stage 2, 3 or 4

The programme was officially launched on Saturday 24 November 2007, at St Edward’s School Oxford, by Prof Richard Dawkins.

Launch leaflet

Past events

2007       Climate Change Challenge (SES, Oxford)

2008       The evidence of Evolution (SES, Oxford)

2009       Shark Attack (SES, Oxford)

2010       Biodiversity (SES, Oxford)

Diamond Light (SES, Oxford)

2011        Coral reef crisis (SES, Oxford)

2013       Coral reef crisis (SES, Oxford)

Shark Attack (Paddington Academy, London)

Shark Attack (William Hulme’s School,Manchester)

2014       Shark Attack (Rowan Prep School, Surrey)

Corngreaves Primary School,  West Midlands)