• Prof Sir Tom Blundell (formerly Whitley Professor of Biochemistry, Cambridge University)
  • Sir Walter Bodmer (formerly Director of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and Principal of Hertford College, Oxford)
  • Jose Gregorio Faria (formerly Portuguese Ambassador to UK)
  • The Baroness Greenfield (formerly Director of the Royal Institution, London; Professor of Pharmacology, Oxford University)
  • Dr Evan Harris (formerly Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon)
  • Dr Francisco Kerdel-Vegas (formerly Venezuelan Ambassador to the UK, then to UNESCO and France)
  • Hon Philip Lader (formerly US Ambassador to UK)
  • Prof Federico Mayor (formerly Director-General of UNESCO)
  • Dr George Poste (Director, Arizona Biodesign Institute, USA)
  • Dr Richard Roberts, Nobel Laureate (Director of Research, New England Biolabs, USA)
  • Sir Richard Sykes (formerly CEO and Chairman of GSK, formerly Rector of Imperial College, London)
  • Sir Crispin Tickell (Director, Policy Foresight Programme at James Martin Institute for Science and Civilization, Oxford University, formerly UK Ambassador to UN)
  • Sir John Walker, Nobel Laureate (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge)